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Check Out Our Questions and Answers Page & follow links below to useful resources to help you understand your potential solar installation and how it affects your electricity bill.

Who Your Contractor Will Contact & Who Should You Contact? 

Although contractors will typically take care of all paperwork needed to connect your home to the grid, it is a good idea to know the process. Eversource has data about net metering and the interconnect process on their website here and the Interconnect Form your installer will fill out for you here. To look at a sample Eversource bill and HOW Eversource will break down the usage and sales of energy click here.


Go to the NHPUC website to apply for NH rebate. Information on the size of the rebate is there - as of DEC2018 $1000 or 30% of installation whichever is less. 


There are still federal tax breaks for installing solar on your home. These breaks decrease after 2020 so it is advantageous to install solar now if you are considering it. To learn more about the Federal Tax break check out the information on the website EnergySage - information here.  For Federal forms sites go here.


Before going solar you may want to have an energy audit. Paying for solar panels you don't need by making your home more energy efficient can save money over the long term. Go HERE for a list of auditors from NHSaves. To check on additional auditors check out the list of BPI certified energy auditors in your area on the BPI website. For a list of energy resources and a collection of short videos on weatherization - go HERE. You may also choose to have your installer recommend an auditor to come to your house before the size of the installation is agreed upon.