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Energy Sage Website - Good Place to Look

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

If you are thinking about Solar Panels on your home and searching online for a good resource - Energy Sage is a good URL to visit. You will notice that we direct you to graphs and discussions on this site under our Questions and Answers section. Want to do more research? Spend more time on this page!


The Solar Calculator

Check here to help estimate how much you might save by installing solar panels on your house!


This is only an estimate - your installer can provide a fuller estimate by taking into consideration the site visit and measurements of your roof or ground location as well as sunlight during incident during the day.

What Else you can learn on the Sage site:

  1. The Solar Tax Credit

  2. Solar ABCs - Main Site Page to learn all about Solar

  3. Note that many options on the Finance Page are not applicable to New Hampshire right now. Be sure to check out the Question&Answers Page to learn more about Solarize Financing

  4. Thinking about Batteries to go along with your solar panels - check out Batteries

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