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The Solarize model has been used in communities throughout the US over the past 10-12 years. The common goal has been to increase the number of households with solar installations in the community.


Most campaigns have been organized by groups of community volunteers; some have been run by municipalities (eg. Nashua’s 2018 campaign).


The Solarize Monadnock 2019 campaign was organized by volunteers in Peterborough, Hancock, Sharon, Rindge, and Fitzwilliam.


This year’s campaign is focussed on Keene and Marlborough, but all events are open to anyone interested in learning about home solar energy.


Solarize campaigns share a common principle: simplicity. The Solarize volunteer team strives to make the process of “going solar” as simple as possible for residents and small businesses.


We research and connect with installers working locally, summarizing what range of services each offer.


We provide information on federal, state, and local tax incentives for solar energy installations, and research what lending institutions in the area may be offering favorable rates for solar and energy efficiency improvements. 


We check in with local building and fire code departments to clarify their current standards, communicating this to both consumers and installers.


By providing information, education, and follow-up, we want to make it easy for more of our neighbors to realize the benefits of harvesting their own electricity.


The goals of the Solarize 2020 campaign are supported by the Keene City Council and the Marlborough Selectboard."

Check the website or the Solarize Monadnock Facebook page for other upcoming events.  


As an incentive in the 2020 campaign, any resident who signs a contract by June 30, 2020, with any of the participating installers, will be entered into a drawing for an incentive prize:  so far incentives include a walk-through home energy audit by Doug Walker (, a programmable thermostat, and more.

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