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All Good Things Come to An End

Solarize campaigns around the country and around NH have shared a common goal: to increase the number of households and small businesses with solar installations in the community. In NH, there have been past campaigns in the Upper Valley, the Seacoast area, Nashua, and the eastern Monadnock region.

Solarize campaigns share a common principle: simplicity. Solarize volunteer teams strive to make the process of “going solar” as simple as possible for residents and small businesses. The teams connect with solar installers in the region to understand what range of services each has to offer.

The teams centralize information on federal, state, and local tax incentives for solar energy installations, and research what lending institutions in the area may be offering favorable rates for solar and energy efficiency improvements.

The teams clarify current standards and regulations with local building and fire code departments to c, communicating this information to both consumers and installers.

By providing information, education, and follow-up - and potentially some incentives - Solarize makes it easy for more of our neighbors to realize the benefits of harvesting their own electricity.

A Solarize Monadnock 2020 campaign was organized by Keene and Marlborough volunteers, with participation by 6 solar installers from the region. The goals of the Solarize 2020 campaign were supported by the Keene City Council and the Marlborough Select-board. Just as the campaign was ready for its public launch in mid-March, along came the Coronavirus pandemic. The planned kick-off event and other educational and promotional events were cancelled, of course: no Lunch and Learn, no Solar and Suds, no Wine and Shine, no Solar Trivia, no Solar Homes Tour....

We have reached the end of our Solarize Monadnock 2020 campaign, if not the end of the pandemic. As of June 2020 our participating installers are definitely “open for business,” doing site evaluations (in-person or remote as pandemic circumstances dictate) and doing residential and commercial installations. Our volunteer team remains available as a resource with information and local solar homeowners willing to share their experience and information.

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